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It is essential to make at least two dental visits a year. It allows your dentist to check for potential problems you might not see or feel. It allows them to identify early signs of decay and treat them accordingly. The earlier your dentist detects your oral problem, the more manageable it is.


Why Is A Dental Examination And Check-Up Necessary for Me?


It helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. In most cases, individuals don’t discover their decay or disease in the oral cavity until the very last minute, and extreme measures should be taken. It affects their health and can severely damage their oral tissues while heavy on the pocket. It is important to prioritise dental examinations and check-ups to prevent that from happening.


How Many Times Should I Visit the Dentist?


It is recommended to visit a dental clinic and get routine dental exams and check-ups every six months. However, each case differs. If you have poor oral hygiene and your mouth is full of dental issues, you will have to visit the dentist more frequently.

Such people include those who have:

  • Gum diseases
  • Family history of cavities or plaque buildup
  • A weak immune system (the body can’t fight diseases or infections)
  • Extreme stress or illness (infections can occur in the mouth)


What Information Do I Need to Share on A New Dental Visit?


You must be vocal about your dental issues when visiting a new dentist. They will question you about your oral health and your health in general.

Areas that they will be most inquired about are:

Medical history/current medicines: They must know if you’ve been diagnosed with a disease. Some medicines can elevate the risk of cavities or cause a dry mouth, and your dentist would want to know. Various diseases, such as diabetes, can increase the risk of gum diseases, so there is an entirely different dental treatment. It is best to take along any medicines you’re on currently.


Current dental health: You must not think twice about telling your dentist about any discomfort or sensitivity you feel in your teeth. The first meeting should address any lumps, bumps, or cavities. They will help make an early diagnosis and treat it better.


Dental fears: Be honest about any dental fears you may have. The procedures have advanced in recent years, and treatment is not as painful as you might have heard. Once you discuss your fears, it will help make you more comfortable.


What Should I Expect in A Routine Examination And Check-Up Appointment?


A typical examination and check-up appointment has the following:

Treatment by professionals: Your dentist and a dental hygienist will check your oral health. A gum examination will be done, and questions will be asked regarding the products used to care for your teeth and gums. The hygienist will also look for signs of oral cancer and other diseases. The treatment recommendations will be made accordingly.


Cleaning: The hygienist will use instruments to clean your teeth. Any hardened plaque buildup on the teeth will be removed, and deep cleaning will be provided above and below the gum line.


Polishing: Once the cleaning is done, your teeth will be polished to remove any signs of stains or plaque. The polish has fluoride and is applied using a small instrument.


X-rays: If your dentist feels there is a need for an X-ray, they will take some. It will be determined after your oral exam.


Treatment recommendations: Once your oral examination is done, your dentist will tell you the next steps that need to be taken. If there are any oral problems found, necessary tests will be conducted.


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