Dental Implants Bendigo

dental implants bendigo

If you are looking for dental implants in Bendigo and for patients that have missing teeth, dental implants can provide a highly effective and aesthetically pleasing solution. A titanium fixture implanted into the jawbone, will act as a new root for your tooth to permanently hold a porcelain crown in place. The result is a strong, natural-looking tooth with full functionality.


Leaving a missing space in your smile is more than just a cosmetic problem, and over time it can have profoundly negative effects:

  • Tilting of adjoining teeth into the open space.
  • The shrinking of the jaw bone where teeth are missing.
  • Collapsing of the lips and cheeks into the space, making you appear older.
  • Reduced functionality and chewing ability.
  • Over-eruption of teeth in the opposite jaw into the space.


Why patients are choosing dental implants

Dental implants can have many benefits for the right patient, helping to give you back a fully functional and beautiful smile while preventing further problems that can arise from missing teeth.

  • They function just like your natural teeth and are very sturdy. You will be able to once again eat the foods you want and smile with confidence.
  • Caring for your new teeth does not require any special attention apart from normal tooth care to maintain your oral hygiene.
    The procedure, unlike dental bridges, does not require any support or alteration of your adjacent natural teeth.
  • Having missing teeth in your mouth can slowly change the shape of your jaw. Dental implants prevent this type of bone degeneration by stimulating bone growth.
  • When placed correctly, they look similar to natural teeth. This gives your smile a more appealing look compared to dentures or missing teeth.


Implant Process at our Bendigo dental implant clinics

  1. Consultation and assessment
    This is crucial to confirm whether or not you have enough bone in which to place an implant.
  2. Insertion of the dental implant – You are referred to a specialist colleague for implant placement. This is usually allowed to heal for four to six months.
  3. Placement of crown
    A mould is then taken to allow the construction of a porcelain crown which is then fitted to the implant through an implant abutment by an experienced dentist in one of our practices.


Unfortunately, not all patients are optimal candidates for a dental implant. We ask all patients from Strathfieldsaye, Golden Square, Kennington to come into our Bendigo practice for a consultation. This is to determine your candidacy depending on your jaw bone level, medical history, smoking history and oral hygiene.


If the dentist determines that you are a good candidate for the procedure, you can give yourself back the confidence you once had by replacing your missing teeth. You’ll increase your self-esteem as well as protect the delicate bone structure of your jaw.


Get dental implants in Bendigo from the dentists supporting patients in Bendigo and surrounds

No matter if you live in Strathfieldsaye, Golden Square, Kennington or another part of Bendigo, contact the McCrae Dental team of experienced dentists today to discuss the right solution for you or book an appointment online now.



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