Orthodontic Treatment in Bendigo

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Have you been dreaming of the perfect teeth? Are you unhappy with your crooked smile? At McCrae Dental Surgery, we offer the best alternative to metal braces: Invisalign. It is an effective and highly comfortable alternative for all residing in Bendigo and the surrounding suburbs.


Typically, the elderly lot shy away from getting Orthodontic work done as they fear not looking good in the metal braces and aren’t confident about it going with their age or look. Thus, an Invisalign is the best solution for all. it’s is a series of clear, accessible, and removable aligners used by all dental professionals worldwide.


Besides straightening your teeth, they can help fix standard bite problems. Our treatment is as easy as changing your aligners every two weeks. Each new aligner you apply will help induce pressure, slowly moving your teeth in your preferred position.


Orthodontics with Multiple Benefits for Patients


Invisalign treatment is also known as invisible orthodontics since the braces are clear and virtually invisible. They are removable and thus won’t even interfere when brushing, eating and flossing.


Here are some of the benefits that our treatment includes:


  • You play all types of sports without worrying about it affecting your braces.
  • Your aligners can be removed for important meetings, events and photographs.
  • In most cases, your treatment will be done in six to eight months.
  • Thanks to the removable nature, you can easily do your oral hygienic routine daily.
  • There are no diet restrictions with this one. You can eat whatever you like without fearing it sticking to or getting in your braces.
  • It is not as uncomfortable as metal braces. Your mouth will not be injured with sharp wires, nor will your gums and cheeks suffer.


If you have a set of crooked teeth that you’ve wanted to align, space between your front teeth, or even a single tooth that you think is out of line and kills the look of your smile, we at McCrae Dental Surgery have the best solution for you.

Our specialist Orthodontic team of dental experts will thoroughly evaluate your oral health, take your medical history, and consider your preferences to determine the right treatment plan. Based on that treatment plan, the overall cost will be determined.


Rest assured, our staff will ensure complete transparency so you can have peace of mind regarding the treatment and cost.



What to Expect From My Orthodontic Treatment?


Many people are afraid of visiting the dentist for various reasons. It is mainly because some have heard of severe cases, been through poor dental experiences, or have sensitive oral nerves. Fortunately, with McCrae Dental Surgery, you have nothing to worry about!


It is the perfect solution for individuals who fear dentists and dental procedures. Our professionals are experts at getting you more comfortable and relaxed on that dental chair.


Here’s what you can expect when you come to McCrae Dental Surgery:


  • Your initial consultation will entail discussions about your needs, and our professional will take impressions of your teeth.
  • Your dental impressions will then be turned into a digital 3D image that will give your assigned dentist a clear idea of the movements necessary to align your teeth and smile. You will also be shown a virtual representation of your teeth so that you know what we are planning to do. Teeth impressions will also be given after the results have been obtained.
  • Your customized aligners will then be created, and you will be called to try them on to see if everything fits and is comfortable. Our professional will communicate all the details on how to take care of your aligners, the periods you have to wear them, and how long your treatment plan is.



Consult Our Dental Specialists Today


Our staff has extensive experience in numerous dental procedures and treatments and ensures you receive a tailored solution for your dental issues. Our team conducts detailed evaluations at McCrae Dental Surgery during the initial consultation to identify the issues. Then, we choose the sedation solution that suits you best.


Don’t wait! Learn about your orthodontic treatment options today. Reach out to McCrae Dental Surgery. Call us at McCrae: (03) 5441 6040 to book an appointment today.



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