Invisalign Bendigo

Invisalign on teeth

Do you dream of perfect teeth that will keep you smiling all day long?

Are you unhappy with your crooked smile?

Want to straighten your teeth but do not want traditional metal braces?


At McCrae Dental Surgery we offer an efficient and more comfortable alternative to metal braces for residents living in Bendigo and the surrounding suburbs with our Invisalign service. Too often adults avoid braces because they do not want to be seen with metal braces running across their teeth.

Invisalign is a series of clear, removable aligners used by many dental professionals worldwide. The Invisalign treatment involves changing your aligners every two weeks. Each new aligner will apply pressure gradually moving your teeth into the desired position.


If you are motivated to correct those crooked upper or lower front 6 teeth, or even a single “out of line” tooth that annoys you or you do not like the spaces between your front teeth, McCrae Dental Surgery has the answer with Invisalign treatment.


The benefits of Invisalign for Bendigo patients

The Invisalign has a number of benefits if you are looking for a fast way to improve the aesthetics of your smile. Some of the benefits of Invisalign include:

  • Quality – Most minor to moderate front teeth crowding or spacing are treatable with maximum control and no compliance issues. Best of all the treatment will provide optimal results.
  • Speed – In most cases treatment is finished in 6 to 8 months.
  • Convenience – You can eat, drink and play sports without worrying about affecting your braces.
  • Comfort and simplicity


Some complex cases may involve oral surgery, orthodontics or implants, then we may have to arrange a consultation with specialist practitioners.

What could your smile look like with straighter teeth?

The SmileView simulation tool uses powerful technology to provide you with a computer-generated simulation of how your smile might look like with straighter teeth.

To find out, go to the SmileView simulation tool using a mobile phone or tablet.

Invisalign smile simulator app

*SmileView outcome simulator is a computer-generated simulation of how your smile might look after teeth-straightening treatment. Not available for use for people with chipped and/or missing teeth. ©2020 Invisalign Australia Pty Limited.

The Invisalign for residents in Bendigo and Surrounds

If you are interested in finding out more about Invisalign, get in touch with the McCrae Dental Surgery team today to discuss how the treatment can help you to achieve a straight smile. We offer on the spot electronic claiming through HICAPs and accept cards from several private health insurance providers. Convenient payment plans are also available to patients.


We welcome patients living in surrounding areas of Bendigo to visit our state-of-the-art facilities and meet our professional and friendly dental team to start your Invisalign treatment. Contact the McCrae Dental Surgery team today to find out more about our wide range of dental services, or book an appointment online now.



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