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At McCrae Marong Strathfieldsaye Dental we understand that not everyone is comfortable having treatment. Often people have a phobia and fear the sounds and smells in the surgery. For those patients who have these concerns we offer several ways to help them complete their treatment in a calm and relaxed environment.


Sedation Dentistry

For those who have an irrational fear of dentists, people who have a bad gag reflex and can’t sit still in the chair, and those with sensitive teeth and a low pain threshold. Even those people who have a large amount of treatment to be completed.


Happy Gas

For very nervous and anxious patients, we have “Happy Gas” or Nitrous Oxide available. Our fully trained staff will administer the gas combined with oxygen through a mask which is placed over your nose. Often we suggest that the patient also bring their own IPOD and earphones to also help distract them from what is going on. The dentist controls the amount of sedation received, which tends to wear off reasonably quickly as soon as the appointment is finished.


General Anaesthetic

For the extra anxious patients who need a little more than just relaxation, we offer treatment under General Anaesthetic at St. John of God Hospital in Bendigo. In the day surgery unit you will receive medications to make you totally unconscious – deeply asleep – during the procedure. This is done under strict guidelines in a hospital environment with qualified nursing staff and an Anaesthetist to administer the anaesthetic.


With the above options you will also receive a local anaesthetic to numb the area of treatment where the dentist is working. This will relieve some of the discomfort that the treatment may cause.

Please call our friendly staff on 5441 6040 and have a chat about how we can help you overcome your fears. So you can have you teeth examined and repaired in a comfortable and relaxed environment.



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