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Once you have lost a few teeth, usually the most economical way to replace them is with a denture.

Different types of dentures offered at McCrae Marong Strathfieldsaye Dental include…


Full dentures

A “full” denture is used where there are no natural teeth left. As well as just replacing the teeth, there is also gum-colored acrylic that sits over the gums, and holds the teeth in place. It also can replace some of the gum where the gum has shrunk. This helps to build up a ‘fallen in’ appearance, by pushing out the lips and cheeks into their normal positions.


Partial dentures

These are dentures that replace some missing teeth, where you still have natural teeth. Partial dentures are usually held in place by small clips or clasps. These look like little bits of wire that wrap around a natural tooth, gripping it firmly.

  • Acrylic dentures
  • Chrome cobalt dentures
    A frame can be made, and is much thinner and stronger than an acrylic denture base.
  • Implant-supported dentures
    Which fit over the jaw bone and over the implants, and be held in place by the implants.
  • Valplast denture
    Which is a flexible partial denture that can be done to replace single or multiple teeth. Valplast denture is lightweight and comfortable.


We hope this gives you some idea of the different designs that are available, depending on your individual circumstances.

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