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What to Know About Braces

There comes a time when sometimes we need to take action sooner rather than later. In the dental world, braces are extremely common and chances are you know someone who has had them.

Although braces are worn by millions of people, not just kids, it can be helpful to learn the ins and outs of wearing them. After all, when wearing braces you need to be aware of certain things to look out for. Alternative methods for braces like Invisalign are popular, but braces are certainly more effective.

Whether you are curious about braces for your kids or looking to get some for yourself, here’s what to know about braces:

What are braces?

If your teeth are crooked or not in an optimal position, dentists will recommend that you wear braces. They are mainly used on younger people to help straighten teeth as they grow, but can also be used by adults. Sometimes they are used to correct underbites, gaps, overbites, open bites, cross bites and other flaws that may occur within the teeth and jaw.

It may be uncomfortable for a while

After getting your braces put on, you might start to feel some discomfort. This is normal, and over time your teeth will start to get used to it. It can sometimes be painful, but a lot of the time it will just feel strange having something stuck to the front of your teeth.

You may also find that eating certain things will feel very different to what you were used to, so try your best to stick it out.

Eating will be different 

Not only will eating an apple feel strange because you have wires surrounding your teeth, but you will also find that food is more likely to get stuck in the braces. This is one of the most common things people will complain about, but again, over time you will figure out different ways to go about eating.

If you can, try to avoid foods like nuts, popcorn, hard candy and chewing gum. Chewing gum especially can be a nightmare. There may come a couple moments where getting rid of trapped food seems impossible, but you will most likely be able to brush it away with a toothbrush and some dental floss.

Your appearance will change

Not only will you automatically look different because you have braces on your teeth, but as your mouth is closed some people may find that their lips can look different. It is actually somewhat trendy to have braces, and some people find that it makes them look a little more youthful. In fact, some children actually want to have braces in order to fit in with other friends that may already have them.

In fact, if you are worried about being judged for wearing braces – don’t be. A lot of braces can be hardly noticeable and very minimal in design.

Your teeth will look amazing after

The duration of wearing braces will vary depending on each individual. But afterwards, your teeth will look incredibly straight and crisp. Although Invisalign braces have started to trend in recent years, good old braces do the trick in a much faster and more efficient way.

After getting your braces removed, prepare for friends and family to be surprised at how much your teeth may have changed. After all, the slight discomfort at the beginning and the random times when food gets stuck are completely worth it. A quick Google search for some before and after photos of people with braces is mind-blowing.


Braces are a safe and effective way to correct dental problems and have been used for many years. Although braces can be uncomfortable in certain situations, most people find that they easily get used to their braces. In some cases, people miss having braces and like the style that it brings to their personality.

One of the most common things to be prepared for is just having a different experience when eating food. Harder foods can get stuck between the braces and people find that eating softer food at the start


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