Importance of brushing the teeth twice a day

Washing the teeth once daily is a must but washing it twice daily is more beneficial in order to prevent bacteria, for example if we brush our teeth in the morning and don’t brush it again thru out the day, bacteria will build up damaging the enamel of your tooth and weaken gums and roots, allowing decaying to occur, if bad bacteria occurs it can contribute to foul breath.

It can reduce saliva, it is important to brush our teeth before we go to sleep because it prevents saliva and bacteria while we are sleeping. When reducing terrible breath in the morning we are decreasing the acids that build-up while asleep.

The gums will be in much better health if we brush twice a day in order to prevent bleeding and infections apart from bacteria, plaque and tartar. Overall health in brushing the teeth contributes too in preventing heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis so it’s not just oral health, it is overall benefits.


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