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Dental payment plans

At times during an examination the dentist will recommend additional treatment to prevent further decay or to repair a damaged tooth. In these circumstances, the treatment could amount to quite involved procedures over a number of weeks. The cost can also reflect the use of expensive materials, laboratory fees for making dentures or crowns and, as a result, we understand that the costs can mount up.

Treatment Plans work like this:

At McCrae-Marong-Strathfieldsaye Dental, we have introduced our specifically tailored treatment plans whereby in consultation with the dentist, the patient will agree to a course of treatment and will agree with the dentist on a payment plan to spread the cost over an extended period of up to 2 years. This payment plan attracts zero percent interest!

  • The patient and the dentist agree on a course of treatment at a consultation appointment.
  • You choose your repayment period from 3 to 24 months and how often you pay. A payment plan that is convenient for you and your dentist.
  • The patient pays a 20% up front deposit at the first appointment. 
  • The patient pays a one-off set-up fee of $39 at the same time as the first debit from their account.
  • No complicated finance contracts to complete. No credit checks and no lengthy approval process are required.
  • You pay no interest for the period of the treatment.

If used in conjunction with medical health insurance, you can spread any gap payment between your level of cover and the cost of the treatment. Again, no interest applies to the period of the treatment.

Ignoring necessary dental treatment can often cost you more down the track. The problem often increases and becomes much more difficult to treat.

Call our staff today if you want immediate treatment and the simple convenience of a payment plan. Denticare Payment Solutions is the easiest and simplest way to a better smile.

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