Changing Your Toothbrush Every 3 Months

Brushing your teeth is of vital importance, twice a day is recommended for a healthier and cleaner teeth, also of vital importance is changing the toothbrush every 3 months, because bacteria and plaque builds up if it not changed and the longer you use a toothbrush the more bacteria grows. In the similar way that dirt becomes transferred to a sponge when you clean, another reason when you need to replace the toothbrush is when the bristles are pointing out in the wrong direction or becoming worn down.

In time of sickness the toothbrush needs to be replaced with a fresh toothbrush, in keeping the toothbrush clean it needs to be rinsed well and to air dry it, avoid storing your toothbrush in a small and enclosed space, as this promotes the growth of bacteria. When storing your toothbrush in a cup or toothbrush holder, avoid letting it touch other toothbrushes, which can transfer bacteria.

Finally on whatever to choose an electric or manual toothbrush is a personal choice, whatever feels comfortable, for elderly it can be a good option for electric because when coordination and strength are lacking.


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